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 Project Move offers a variety of classes available to dancers ages 3-18. 


Intro to Dance  (Ages 3-4) - This class introduces little ones to movement and exploration of dance.  Class begins with a warmup set to nursery rhymes. Dancers are taught the beginning basics of dance, movement across the floor, stretching, rhythm and more. 

Creative/Preballet  (Ages 4-5)  - This class continues to explore the movement of dance. Beginning basic ballet foot positions are taught.  Across the floor includes ballet walks, chasses, skips, leaps and more. 


Pre-Ballet  (Kindergarten) - This class will teach the beginning basics of ballet class. Focus will be on correct body placement, terminology and lines. Dancers must wear black leotard, pink tights, and pink ballet shoes.  This class can be combined with


Pre-Jazz ( Kindergarten) - This class will teach the beginning basics of jazz. Focus will be on jazz terminology, flexibility, and technique.  This class can be combined with


MOVEment Combo (Ages 5-7) - This class combines the beginning basics of ballet and jazz. A step above our creative MOVEment class, dancers will continue to advance as they learn basic ballet steps and locomotor movement (chaine turns, pirouette preps, etc.). Dancers will be introduced to the grace of ballet and the enthusiasm of jazz.


Ballet (Ages 6+)  - A classical dance form characterized by grace and precision of movement.  Ballet is the technical basis of all dance forms. 


Jazz (Ages 6+)  - A combination of upbeat styles using elements of ballet and modern dance.


Hip Hop  (Ages 6+) - A popular style of street dance incorporating sharp and fluid movements, footwork, and tricks.


All Open Classes perform in both our Christmas and Spring Recitals.  

Dancers purchase one costume that is worn at both performances. 

Beginning Tumbling - Open to Students Ages 5 +

Students will learn the beginning basics of tumbling - somersaults, cartwheels, handstands, and backbends, while building the necessary strength needed in arms and legs to properly execute tumbling skills. Tumblers will need to execute a solid cartwheel, round off and must be able to hold a backbend with straight arms for ten seconds in order to move to beginning/intermediate. 

Beginning/Intermediate Tumbling - Open to Students Ages 5+

Students will continue building strength while working on flexibility necessary to execute intermediate tumbling skills. The mechanics of a front walkover and back walkover are introduced.  Tumblers need to execute a back walkover in order to move to intermediate/advanced.

Intermediate/Advanced Tumbling

Students will work on back handsprings and the elements that continue to build upper body strength and increased flexibility. Aerials are introduced. Tumblers need to execute a back handspring and round off back handspring in order to move to advanced.

Advanced Tumbling

Tumblers will continue to improve their skills while working on multiple back handsprings, tucks, right, left and front aerials. 

A tumbling showcase is held in December and January

We will begin accepting registration for FALL 2024 classes June 15th.

Please click on the Fall 2024 Schedule tab under classes to view the detailed Fall Schedule. 

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